And the journey with Robert Jordon comes to an end...

Knife of Dreams - book cover

Knife of Dreams would have been one of my favorite Wheel of Time books if not for Elyane and Perrin. Elayne is still Elayne and Perrin's plot improved a bit but not good enough. Both take a good chunk of the book too. The good thing is both of these story arcs seem to have reached conclusion (fingers crossed).

Spoilers Ahead

Mat got the most spotlight and how could that ever not be a good thing. His and Tuon's relationship seems the only earned one besides Rand and Min, and his tactics always make a great read. I'm not one to crave romance in fantasy but if it has to be done, this was a great way to do it.

Nynaeve's highlight was awesome! She has been quite likable since she got rid of her block.

Egwene's part was good though a bit forced. Things are working out too well for her and it never felt she was built up for some things.

Rand didn't get a big chunk but it was still a lot of fun. Finally, Lews Therin's threat feels very real and they even captured a Forsaken. Though he got his hands on the male a'dam and I don't understand that choice by Jordan so intrigued to see where he was taking this.

Moiraine is still alive! Yay!!! Though it seems she won't be back soon considering the name "Towers of Midnight"

Just an observation/theory, it seems that Jordan wanted the 3 Seanchan storylines to converge at the same time (Perrin's, Rand's, Tuon's) hence the "necessary" lengthening of Perrin's plot. But, he should have really just omitted it or put in as a flashback.


Nowhere as bad as I had heard it to be! Though that might have been because I went in with pretty low expectations.

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Spoilers Ahead

Characters barely did much so I am guessing the aim was character development.

I feel like Jordan is setting up Egwene to be someone readers will love to hate. She was always stubborn but not that ambitious; Here we have her talking about how her great legacy she will leave behind! Probably will end taking everything wrong about Aes Sedai trying to be perfect.

Perrin torturing people was pretty heavy. How far we have come with a sweet kind boy.

Rather intrigued to see what happens with Mat and Tuon since she definitely seems up to something. Tylin is dead! Wow, that is so much better than what I could have asked for.


I had heard the ending makes up for the rest of the book... No, no it doesn't.But, just one more book left in the infamous "slog" I have yet to encounter; Makes it easier now that I am sure it was a myth.

Winter's Heart - book cover

Spoilers Ahead

Makes me want to groan every time there is an Elyane, Perrin, or Faile chapter; Sucks too since Perrin was one of my favorite characters. The way Jordan has handled him over the past few books is disheartening and now I could care less about what happens to him. Having said that, the moment where Aviendha, Elayne, and Min

find out Rand's pain was awesome. Elayne and Aviendha becoming first-sisters was neat too.

Why are the Forsaken so incompetent? It makes me think less of the Dark One's threat if he raises these idiots.

Tuon seems interesting but most things going on with Mat don't seem to be necessary to be written down. Hopefully no more Tylin; There is only so much Stockholm syndrome from Mat towards his raper I can handle (it's nothing. zero). What's more disgusting is that I have seen some people justifying this. Already not looking forward to the birth of a fandom once the TV series comes out.


"Not liking something does not mean you dislike it." That's about how I feel about The Path of Daggers.

A Path of Daggers book cover

It opens incredibly slow and has a ton of things that feel unnecessary. If they are actually important, then that might not have been the best way to do write them because a first-timer like me is likely going to find them frustrating. Though I never found it a chore to read the book, I did not enjoy it either and liked only about three things.

Spoilers Ahead

It is nice to see WOT go from fun little adventure to Rand having to kill his subordinates as they go insane. That said, not a lot of change with other characters in terms of growth. Egwene's plotline is interesting albeit a tad bit forced.

Nynaeve and Elyane's storyline is excruciatingly slow and unnecessarily prolonged. The only neat thing was the explosion that Elyane caused.

I would write about Mat but it seems even the book forgot about him too.


Where is the slog at?

A Crown of Swords book cover

A lot of people say that the slog is a myth and bunch others that it starts from book 6/7/8; I am leaning towards the myth. Although books 6 and 7 were a bit slow except at the end, no way they were boring and I never had to force myself to read. A Crown of Swords seems to be an obvious build-up book and for that part, it does a good job.

Spoilers Ahead

Great character growth for Rand, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Mat. Elayne and Nynaeve are finally bearable except for one part. Mat is a fabulous character and it just went on to show how selfless he can be when he offered his medallion to Elayne. Coming back to the one part, I have always overlooked the issues with gender in Jordan's writing as a lot of things made up for it. That said, Elayne and Nynaeve's reaction to Mat getting raped was just plain disgusting. On top of that Mat's comment about chasing the woman who raped him next time was just ridiculous. What on Earth was Jordan thinking?

Rand and Min seem to have the perfect dynamic in comparison to his other love interests. Like I mentioned for Lord of Chaos, this might be the only relationship that has made sense. She is the perfect anchor for his sanity and I cannot think of anyone better.

Perrin and Loial have been very disappointing. While Perrin is in character with his actions, he isn't getting any growth for a while now and I am just wondering why Jordan simply didn't kill Loial off.